Easy steps on getting PrEP at Pulse


Dear friends in Hong Kong,

Here we're going to introduce easy steps to get legit PrEP from our licensed clinic in Bangkok.


1. first step is to self-study for the right information about PrEP, you can learn from these links;

- https://www.silompulse.com/prep

- http://aidsconcern.org.hk/prep-factsheet/
then you can have proper consultation with Aids Concern or NeoHealth Hong Kong.
PULSE CLINIC will open our own branch in Hong Kong soon, called PULSE Healthcare
Located at 
2F 83 Wellington Street, Central Hong Kong.Open 7 days a week.

2. Get tested at NeoHealth Hong Kong or available lab nearby. 

3. Send lab report or prescription to info@silompulse.com

4. Order on https://www.silompulse.com/buypreponline/order-form/

5. Complete payment using credit card via TransferWise

6. Pick up or Shipping
6.1 Pick up at Pulse Clinic in Bangkok or Phuket.
6.2 Shipping can be done to Singapore, Switzerland, UK and USA only, if you have a question about this, send email to us.

     - Shipping, you'll receive tracking number

     - PrEP should arrive in Hong Kong address the next day (1 day after shipping from Bangkok)

7. Take PrEP daily and let friends and partners know about PrEP.

8. Get tested regulary at AIDS CONCERN HONG KONG, or PULSE Healthcare Hong Kong and END HIV


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