Welcome to PULSExpress -- a service designed for

- routine testers or

- people who know well how to take care of their sexual health

- people who have had proper medical consultation previously

- people who do not need to ask a question to a doctor, do not want to spend time with the doctor, do not want to pay doctor fee

Clients of PULSExpress service can get lab tests done without having to see a doctor (and so no doctor fee) 

You are good candidate of PULSExpress if you:


  • do NOT have any symptoms
  • Have NOT been in contact with someone who has gonorrhoea or chlamydia requiring treatment (and you have no symptoms)
  • do NOT Need treatment for a positive gonorrhoea or chlamydia test (and you have no symptoms)
  • Are 15 years of age or over.
  • Are taking PrEP (HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis)
  • Get tested regularly for HIV, syphilis 
  • Get tested at least annually for urine PCR or throat swab and anal swab for gonorrhoea or chlamydia

HIV education for PULSExpress

1. 1% of Thai population are living with HIV. 68% are on treatment.

2. 33% of gay men in Bangkok (all Thai and non-Thai) have HIV.

3. My blood from finger prick test will be tested for HIV infection.

4. The rapid HIV antibody test will take 20 minutes.

5. The accuracy of the rapid HIV antibody test is over 99%, the antibody test may not detect a recent HIV infection that occurred in the last 4 weeks.

6. In case I had exposure to HIV in 2-4 weeks, I am a candidate for 4th generation HIV test which looks for antibody and P24 antigen of the virus, this test will be reported by email tomorrow.

7. If the antibody test shows inconclusive result, my blood may be sent to an off-site laboratory for an HIV RNA test which looks for virus itself anonymously. This test will not detect an HIV infection that occurred in the last 2 weeks. If I had an exposure to HIV in the last 2 weeks that I am concerned about, I should come back 2 weeks following the exposure to be sure of my HIV status.

8. If I had an exposure within the last 72 hours, I can seek help from our doctor or counselor to get emergency prevention called P.E.P. which is used widely among healthcare providers.

9. This is a 100% confidential test and that the data of all individuals will NOT be forwarded to any government sectors. Everything is discreet and confidential no matter if the test result is negative or positive.

10. If I am tested HIV positive, I am candidate for same day anti-retroviral treatment program (partially free or fully free if I am an underprivilege person) provided to me by Pulse Clinic and friends of Pulse Clinic who want to support our community. I should start treatment today, this will help improve life quality and prevent the transmission of HIV infection. I can ask the doctor for further consultation.

11.   If I am tested positive for HIV, I can seek help to inform my partners. Pulse Clinic is here to help.

12.   I have been given information regarding HIV testing and will have a chance to ask questions to my counselor/doctor about my test today with consultation fee of 500THB.

SYPHILIS Testing Education Sheet for PULSExpress


1.    17-20% of (one in five) gay men in Bangkok (all Thai and non-Thai) have syphilis.

2.      Diagnosis of syphilis among heterosexual people are increased by 2 times in 2017 compared to 2016.
Most patients who have syphilis never knew that had syphilis.

3.      Syphilis is transmitted by direct contact (touching, kissing, oral, docking, insertion) to people who have the infection that means using condom may not protect you from syphilis, that’s why you should get tested at least every 6 months if you are sexually active.

4.      Your blood will be tested for syphilis.

5.      The rapid syphilis antibody test will take 20 minutes. It can be done at the same time with HIV testing.

6.    The accuracy of the rapid syphilis antibody test is over 97%, the antibody test may not detect a recent infection that occurred in the last 28 days.

7.      If you are tested positive for syphilis, Pulse Clinic can provide you with gold standard treatment with Benzathine Penicillin injection into muscle (buttock area, painless). If you are allergic to penicillin or have other allergy please tell our doctor/counselor prior to treatment.

8.      If you are tested positive for syphilis, Pulse Clinic highly recommend that we check VDRL titer which will identify the amount of bacteria that causes syphilis in your blood and we will use VDRL titer to evaluate your treatment every 3 months until you are completely cured.

GONORRHOEA & CHLAMYDIA Testing Education Sheet for PULSExpress


1.      Services include testing for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Ureaplasma urealyticum, Ureaplasma parvum,

Mycoplasma hominis, Mycoplasma genitalium, Trichomonas vaginalis.

2.      While Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are top two infections and are very famous among general population, ureaplasma species, mycoplasma species and trichomonas vaginalis are becoming more common, these organisms can cause similar symptoms when the infection happens in the urethra, throat and rectal tissue. In most people these infections doesn’t show any symptom but it can be transmitted to other people through oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex and it can cause symptoms in other people.

3.      The testing method is called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) which will detect DNA of the bacteria or organism directly even though with small amount of specimen collected.

4.      The collection of specimen is painless and can be done by yourself.

5.      This “test and go” services are for people who;

a.      Are not having symptoms and not seeking treatment

b.      Have not been exposed to sexually transmitted infections

c.      Do not want any vaccines

d.      Do not want counseling

6.      Official report will be sent to given email within 7 working days of our lab (excluding Sat and Sun)

7.      Process

a.      Urethral infection:

                                                    i.     Register >> Receive label sticker >> go to toilet >> do not wipe or clean your penis/vagina >> open the urine cup >> pee the first stream urine until it’s filled halfway >> place urine cup in specimen bag >> wash your hands with THANN and water >> pass it to staff at the counter >> pay >> confirm email address >> Sashay away

b.      Throat infection: We’ll assist you!

c.      Rectal infection:  We’ll assist you!

For complete pricelist please refer to https://www.pulse-clinic.com/pricelist/

PULSE prefers clients with appointment so make sure you book one.


Steps to receiving service at PULSE

1. Book an appointment online on the button below

2. Be on time
3. Our receptionist will help you with quick registration for first time visitors (If they are slow - take more than 5 minutes, please let our manager know!)

4. For re-visitors show your clinic card with clinic number (SP6XXXXX)
5. Fill up the form of what test you want to get done and wait to be called

6. Complete your payment
7. Get tested and leave happily

8. Official password-protected lab test results will be sent to your given email address (make sure your inbox is not full and you provide us with correct address)

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