PrEP in Singapore

HIV PrEP is an extremely effective way of protecting yourself from HIV.
It is currently one of the central pillars in our efforts to end the HIV epidemic in the world since 2012.


LOCAL AVAILABILITY: There are couple of clinics in Singapore offering PrEP but the cost of PrEP in Singapore ranges from 500-900 SGD.

ONLINE AVAILABILITY: Yes. It is possible to get PrEP from PULSE CLINIC Online. Instead of paying 500-900 SGD per month, a lot of people decide to visit PULSE CLINIC in Bangkok, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur for privacy and non-stigmatizing friendly service and more affordable price. Some people who are not able to travel every 3 months to these cities are suggested to get tested in local clinic and are allowed to self-import PrEP for their personal use.

IMPORT RESTRICTIONS: Up to three months of PrEP can be legally imported for personal use. This includes both:

Truvada by Gilead (TDF/FTC)

Generic versions of TDF/FTC (Teno-EM by Thai Government, Ricovir-EM by Mylan, Tenof-EM by Hetero and Tavin-EM by Emcure) for prevention


PrEP Singapore
Get PrEP Singapore

Helping PULSE clients in Singapore during COVID-19

SERVICE OFFERED:  - Free 30 minutes PrEP counseling/advice (must book time slot online only)

                                                  - How to take PrEP? (Daily, TTSS, on demand)

                                                  - Importance of HIV test, Hepatitis B test, Kidney function tests and STD tests

                                                  - Awareness of drug-resistance HIV (among PrEP users)

                                                  - Awareness of drug-resistance HIV (during COVID-19 era)
Awareness of other STDs


HOW TO CONSULT PULSE STAFF ONLINE:  Add us on Whatsapp +6596160631

For First time PrEP users: HIV Combo*Syphilis Antibody (TPHA/Anti-TP), Hepatitis B Virus (HBsAg), Baseline Kidney Function, Liver Function

For Regular PrEP users:  HIV ComboSyphilis Antibody (TPHA/Anti-TP)Hepatitis C virus (Anti-HCV), Kidney Function, Liver Function, Other STD Tests (DNA tests)

All lab results must be within 1 month   
* New PrEP user must not have risk exposure within 14 days before HIV Combo test            
** Rapid Home Test Kits Available



We offer home test kits for: HIV Combo, Syphilis Antibody (TPHA/Anti-TP), Hepatitis B Virus (HBsAg), Hepatitis C virus (Anti-HCV)


AVAILABLE LEGIT PrEP (2020-2021):  

TRUVADA (Original PrEP)
RICOVIR-EM (Indian Generic) 
TENO-EM (Thai Government Generic)
TAFICITA (New PrEP 2020)

Contact PrEP at PULSE at +6596160631 or add us on Whatsapp now for further assistant.

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Clients are strictly not allowed to use our address for mailing/shipping purpose.