Affordable PrEP Collaboration for Strut Clients

Twenty years ago, PrEP might have sounded like science fiction. These days, not only is it a gift from the scientific community but it’s quite possibly one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century for HIV prevention. 


Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is included in Thai National Guidelines for HIV prevention and Treatment since 2014. PULSE CLINIC is the first private medical clinic in Thailand to offer affordable PrEP to our Thai and foreign clients since early 2015. In that time PULSE CLINIC has attracted many people from more than 130 countries all over the world because of the availability of affordable preventative HIV medication. Thailand has been one of the main countries in the world supplying quality generics such as Ricovir-EM and Teno-EM HIV PrEP, at a much lower price than the brand drug Truvada by Gilead. HIV incidence in Thailand reached its highest in 1992 and since then we have thankfully seen a decline, more rapidly in recent years partly due to the use of HIV PrEP. 


How can Strut Clients get affordable PrEP from PULSE?

1. Get free consultation and PrEP laboratory testing with professional staff at Strut.

2. PULSE offers special price of HIV PrEP and Hepatitis C treatment medications, check price below.

3. Order on PULSE website, wait for reply from PULSE Staff, Payment confirmation and Shipping.

4. PULSE uses secured express delivery from Bangkok to USA, your parcel will be delivered at your door within 7 days.

5. You will receive tracking number to track your shipping status.




Regular Price

Price for Strut Clients





·         Teno-EM

3 bottles

 3000 THB (100 USD)

 2200 THB     (67 US$)

·         Ricovir-EM

3 bottles

 3420 THB (105 USD)


·         TAFICITA (New PrEP)

3 bottles

 7200 THB (220 USD)


Hepatitis C treatment




·         Sofosbuvir-Ledipasvir

1 bottle

25000 THB (770 USD)

15000 THB (461 USD)

·         Sofosbuvir-Daclatasvir

1 bottle

25000 THB (770 USD)

15000 THB (461 USD)

·         Sofosbuvir-Velpatasvir

1 bottle

28000 THB (861 USD)

18000 THB (554 USD)

Express shipping (7 days)

3 bottles

  1900 THB     (59USD)

   1600 THB    (49USD)

All prices are in Thai Baht, Updated price list on 4.20.2020


You can order your PrEP or Hepatitis C medication HERE


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