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An earliest detection test, is a test that looks for HIV DNA (called integrated HIV) in blood. This is similar to viral load test which usually test for HIV RNA.


If you are worried about potentially getting HIV, then you need the most accurate test possible. Many types of drug tests are inaccurate at the early stages, but this is not true for the HIV RNA test. The HIV RNA test is actually more accurate than other types of HIV test even though it is done far earlier than other types of tests. Thanks to the polymerase chain reaction process used during testing, even damaged fragments of HIV RNA are not missed. When performed correctly, HIV RNA test is over 99.9% accurate.


When regulating STD tests, the FDA requires measurements on both the sensitivity and the specificity of the test. A test’s sensitivity is its ability to actually identify a person with the disease. The HIV RNA test used by PULSE CLINIC (Thailand, Malaysia) and PULSE HEALTHCARE (Hong Kong) has a sensitivity rating of 100 percent which means it never mistakenly tells an HIV positive person that they are HIV free. Specificity is used to tell the accuracy of a test in identifying people who do not have HIV. The specificity rating of the HIV RNA test is at 99.83 percent which means that in very rare situations, a person might get a false negative.


Though the early detection test for HIV RNA is extremely accurate, we understand that you do not want to take any chances with your health. There is more risk of a false positive than a false negative with the HIV RNA test because it is so sensitive that it can detect trace amounts of HIV RNA from your exposure even if you are not actually infected. You can always take the HIV antibody test a few months later just to double check the results. This type of test will tell you if your body is producing all the antibodies it would need during an actual infection.