KinkyBKK - PULSE Kinky Month | PULSExhibiton by PULSE Clinic & PULSE Gallery | PULSE CLINIC - Asia's Leading Sexual Healthcare Network.

KinkyBKK - PULSE Kinky Month | PULSExhibiton by PULSE Clinic & PULSE Gallery


KinkyBKK is an event initiated by PULSE Clinic and PULSE Gallery to raise awareness on sexual well-being for global community in Bangkok.

KinkyBKK - PULSE Kinky Month | PULSExhibiton by PULSE Clinic & PULSE Gallery

KinkyBKK - PULSE Fetish Month 2022

Kink Parties and Fetish SEXhibiton by PULSE Clinic & PULSE Gallery


While acceptance of BDSM and fetishes has increased over the past few decades, we still have a long way to go.
Acceptance to our sexuality (by ourselves, community and the society) has higher impact on person well-being as a whole.
Government of many countries declared consensual kinky sex acts like face-sitting, flogging and watersports to be illegal, while ignoring a wide range of less kinky but equally extreme activities. People who engage in BDSM still run the risk of losing their jobs or having their fitness as parents investigated if they are ‘outed’.

That's why we are here to raise awareness on consentual activities to create safe space to keep our community happy - healthy and h*rny.
Have fun liberating your kinky self – and being part of the sex positive movement as you do it!

Enjoy a friendly, playful atmosphere, excellent music, a dance floor, a play area, a lounge area, and much, much more.
Hit the dance floor for hours or enjoy some drinks while you catch up with old and new friends. Or go and explore our many play areas on a more sensual, daring and erotic adventure. We supply the atmosphere, the rest is up to you!


Event Line Up



KINKYBKK Opening Party

📍 PULSE Gallery Ploen Chit | Fri 9.9.2022 | 5PM-11PM

2PM Press Conference
5PM VIP Preview
7PM Public view and opening party


- Meet & Greet
- Performances
- BDSM Play areas
- Redroom
- DJs and dance floor
- Cruising Zone


📍 PULSE Gallery Ploen Chit | 9-30.9.2022 | 9AM-7PM Daily

free entry for everyone

Kinky Photography workshop

with James Pisut

📍 PULSE Gallery Ploen Chit | Saturday 17.9.2022 | 9AM-5:30PM

Experience and learn techniques of erotic fashion photography. Throughout the workshop, everyone will be able to share their perspective on photography, including their personal experiences. Learning the process of fashion photography techniques. Enjoy taking photos and styling one another while working on a concept.

9AM Registration
10AM Basic lighting
1PM Brainstorming
5PM Discussion


Drink & Draw [NUDE] workshop

with MC Redman

📍 PULSE Gallery Ploen Chit | Sat 24.9.2022 | 1PM-4PM

1PM Quick sketches and different poses
2PM Break
2:30PM Musical chairs painting game
2:40PM Canvas Painting


KINKYBKK Closing night


Shibari Session with Ohm Sama Photography

📍 PULSE Gallery Ploen Chit | Fri 30.9.2022 | 13.00 -16.00



Closing Party

📍 BarBar Fetish Club | 20.00 - Late


- 3 floors of playzone
- Meet & Greet
- 6 special Performances
- BDSM Play areas
- Redroom
- DJs and dance floor
- Cruising Zone

> REGULAR TICKET (Entry and show)

> VIP Ticket (+All night FREE FLOW)







Mr.S Rubber Forfun,
Anonymous, Anonymous


 Ark Saroj · Brad Welch · Deyn Yaemim
James Pisut · Jan Katgert · Keefer Berlin
Kimmo Kauko · MC Redman · Myrtille Tibayrenc
Ohm Sama · Oat Montien · Paul LM
Pui Surachai · Shotbyly · Tawan Wattuya
Tobias Ahlbrecht · Tomah Villeneuve · Tonmai
Yang Zhongda



Official Event Photographer

Ohm Sama, Kimmo Kauko
A Photography, Chotography
G-spot Ent, Forfunlatex


CreativeBKK Gallery by Natasha C.

PULSE PARTY is a unique sex positive safe space built on respect, friendliness, politeness, and high tolerance.
To maintain this always follow our Code of Conduct to help ensure a great party for everyone.

All physical contact must always be consensual. Always respect a no. Anyone with disrespectful behaviour should be reported to our staff so that this person will be invited to leave the premises and banned from future events.

Violence and aggressive behavior are NEVER tolerated.

Be responsible for yourself and communicate clearly.

Photography is allowed in the designated area. Photography is not allowed in the rooms, doctor room, pray room, toilets, or any other area.
Approved photographers have permission to take consensual photos.
Never take a photo without permission.
Never post a photo without consent.

Respect each other and behave politely and friendly at all times.

It is not allowed to be strongly or visibly intoxicated. If you become strongly or visibly intoxicated, you will be invited to leave.

The dresscode guide’s decision is final. You will be refused entry for failure to comply.

Must behave responsibly at all times.
No illegal drugs.

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PULSE PARTY reserves the right to refuse entry or expel individuals from our events without any refund if the Code of Conduct is not respected.