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Get your online prescription refill with PULSE RefillXpress. Our providers write prescription refills online for all non-controlled medications.

PULSE CLINIC AND PHARMACY - Bangkok Online Pharmacy

RefillXpress - Advanced Repeat Online Prescription. Faster, Better, home-delivery

PULSE CLINIC AND PHARMACY - Bangkok Online Pharmacy
E-Prescription And E-Dispensing On A Cross-Border Scale


If you are looking for any medications, email us at info.bkk@pulse-clinic.com or have a chat with us on your preferred platform:





What is RefillXpress - PULSE Advanced Repeat Prescription?

An advanced repeat online prescription is when your doctor prescribes you the same medication on an ongoing basis and is often for a long-term or chronic condition. A doctor will prescribe a certain number of repeats for a medication and the patient is then only required to follow up with the doctor regarding the condition once the repeats have been fully utilised or have all been dispensed by a pharmacist at the clinic.

Prescriptions are required for a range of medications because they are considered to be potentially harmful if not used correctly, under the supervision of a licensed health care practitioner.

What are the purposes of PULSE RefillXpress - PULSE Advanced Repeat Prescription?

To keep our patients healthy, safe and happy! PULSE RefillXpress is designed to support the processes of prescription and dispensation through the electronic exchange of supporting data for PULSE Patients to cover/prevent lapses in medication due to:

  • Loss of medications
  • Interruptions in primary care
  • Travelling and relocation and may not be able to come to the clinic to refill their medication in time
  • Emergency situation
  • Pandemic
  • Other problems obtaining a timely prescription
  • For patients who are not having any new symptoms related to their condition


Can I get a repeat prescription without seeing a doctor?

There are a few options to get a repeat prescription, all of which include a doctor.

  1. Visit your local GP clinic and speak to a doctor in person;
  2. Have a home doctor visit you (usually only afterhours); or
  3. Register online with PULSE CLINIC Online Patient Portal (POPP)

PULSE RefillXpress allows you to obtain a repeat prescription without a live doctor’s consultation. And there is no need to wait in a doctor’s waiting room to see a doctor just for your regular prescription. Over 300 medications are available through the QuickScript online prescription service that cater for 17 different conditions including contraception, menopause, diabetes, cholesterol, asthma and osteoporosis.


  • RefillXpress e-Prescribing is defined as prescribing medicines through the support of our own software by a health care professional who is legally authorised to do so, so that the medicine can be dispensed at PULSE clinic and pharmacy;
  • RefillXpress e-Dispensing is defined as the act of electronically retrieving a prescription and reporting on giving out the medicine to the patient as indicated in the corresponding advanced repeat e-Prescription.

Once the medicine is dispensed, the dispenser - PULSE Clinic and Pharmacy, will report, via PULSE software, information about the dispensed medicine(s) to the prescription provider (PULSE Doctors and Clinic partners of PULSE).

Functional process flow: 
  • The patient talks to a PULSE provider at PULSE CLINIC or online telemedicine and gives consent to share his/her medical information in country A
  • PULSE Doctor prescribes medication with advanced repeat refill order.
  • The patient then travels abroad where s/he requires medication in another country with PULSE CLINIC
  • S/he uses E-DOC application or PULSE Online Portal for Patient (POPP) on PULSE Website to request and refill.
  • The patient asks for his/ her e-Prescription.
  • PULSE Clinic and Pharmacy receives the request via the pharmacy’s computer in a secure way.
  • The requested medication is then dispensed to the patient


PULSE RefillXpress Short-Term Refills and Long-Term Refills

How can PULSE RefillXpress help with your Short-Term Refills?

  • Short-Term Refills means medication refill up to 3 months
  • Long-Term Refill means medication refill up to 12 months
  • When your medication refills are running low, it can sometimes be hard to get an appointment from your doctor in time especially when you are travelling.
  • PULSE RefillXpress can connect you with providers who can help provide the help you need to refill your regular medicines.
  • PULSE Doctors can provide advanced repeat online prescription.


How RefillXpress Works

Start your PULSE visit and chat with a provider within minutes.

1. Start your visit

  • Online visit - Tell us about yourmedical history and your background with the medication you need refilled.
  • in-person visit at PULSE Clinics - 16 branches in 5 countries across Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, The Philippines.

2. Talk to or Chat a PULSE provider 

  • Talk to our doctor to discuss the best options for you, local doctor fee applies.

3. Get your prescription and dispensary

  • Receive your prescription home delivery by multi-options such as Grab, by mail or via same-day pickup at PULSE Clinic and Pharmacy branches near you. 


What else do you need to know about PULSE RefillXpress?

  • We don't start patients on new medications through this service.
  • We can provide your medication refill but you have to make sure to follow up with your provider.
  • PULSE doctors are able to provide follow up via in-person visit and telemedicine.


PULSE RefillXpress Medication Exclusions:

  • We don't refill controlled substances (Adderall, Xanax, Oxycodone, etc)
  • Antibiotics, antiviral, and antifungal prescriptions are not refillable.
  • Injectable medication (excluding Saxenda, insulin and epinepherine, which are refillable)
  • Antipsychotics/Mood stabilizers
  • Compounded medication

If you are looking for any medications, email us at info.bkk@pulse-clinic.com or have a chat with us on your preferred platform:








How Many Months Can I get through RefillXpress?

PULSE CLINIC and PHARMACY offers convenient follow up and refill.

  • Most patients of PULSE clinics are healthy, to spare the space at the clinic for symptomatic patients who really need to see the doctor, we prefer that healthy patients stay home and do not need to come to the clinic if not needed. Just live your life.
  • Some conditions for which refill is allowed up to 12 months are listed below.
  • Please do not forget your appointment to see the doctor for follow up and do not forget to check in for annual or bi-annual health check up.
  • If you missed a doctor appointment, don't panic!!! You can always book another appointment online on our website or on E-DOC application or email us your request.


Health ConditionMonths of Refill
Acid Reflux, GERDup to 3 months
Allergies, Allergic Rhinitisup to 3 months
Arthritisup to 3 months
Asthma Inhaler and medsup to 3 months
Birth Control Pills (Click)up to 12 months
Cold Soresup to 3 months
Cosmetic Medication (Click)up to 6 months
Diabetesup to 6 months
ED Medications (Click)up to 6 months
Facial Hair Growth Reduction (Vaniqa)up to 6 months
Genital Herpes, Herpes Simplex Prevention up to 3 months
Gout, Gouty Arthritisup to 6 months
Hair Loss Prevention and Regrowthup to 12 months
HIV PrEPup to 12 months
HIV Treatment (POZ&PROUD)up to 12 months
Hypertensionup to 6 months
Hypercholesterolemiaup to 6 months


If you are looking for any medications, email us at info.bkk@pulse-clinic.com or have a chat with us on your preferred platform: