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Teno-Em, Generic PrEP from Thai Government


Generic PrEP from Thailand

Teno-Em, Generic PrEP from Thai Government
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Thailand has the highest prevalence of HIV among countries in Asia but has also been a pioneer in HIV prevention and treatment efforts in the region, reducing the incidence of new infections significantly over the last two decades.

Building upon this remarkable history, Thailand has set an ambitious goal to stop the AIDS epidemic in the country by 2030.

Thailand provides affordable generics medications as well as original medications, in the last 5 years there are more people travelling from more than 130 countries around the world to receive affordable high quality healthcare in Thailand.

PULSE clinic is established since 2015 in the center of Bangkok, expanded to tourist destination such as Phuket island, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In the past years, we have received thousands of patients receiving either HIV prevention service or HIV treatment service in our branches. One of the most common questions is about how legit is the drug.

2012 - Bioequivalent Study

According to the 2012 bioequivalent study comparing between Teno-EM 300/200 and original medication, the conclusion was that the Teno-Em 300/200mg tablets manufactured by GPO Thailand when compared with the reference product Original Medication 300/200mg tablets manufactured in Germany met the bioequivalence criteria (90% confident interval for the ratio of geometric least squares means within 80.00-125.00%) with respect to the rate and extent of absorption of tenofovir and emtricitabine. Therefore, two formulations were bioequivalent and can be used interchangeably.


2013 - The Bangkok Tenofovir Study 

(Antiretroviral prophylaxis for HIV infection in injecting drug users in Bangkok, Thailand : a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 3 trial) was published on THE LANCET.


2014 - Thailand National Guidelines on HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention 2014

Thailand National Guidelines on HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention 2014 has listed Teno-EM 300/200 as medication to be used for HIV prevention (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) and treatment of HIV infection.


2016 - 56 Dean street

56 Dean street / IwantPrEPnow.co.uk has purchased Teno-EM from Pulse Clinic and has tested the medication by taking a blood test which detects the levels of active drug Tenofovir (TDF) and Emtricitabine (FTC) (PrEP protection) in the blood, this test is known as Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, or TDM, of course they have had satisfactory results of Teno-Em.



THAI AIDS SOCIETY has launched Thailand National Guidelines on HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention 2017 and has included Teno-Em as HIV prevention provided by all national government hospitals (Chapter 3, page 346)


2021 - THAI National PrEP Campaign

From 2021, Thai people can get PrEP for free at government PrEP facilities across the country.
PrEP is affordable at private clinics in Thailand.


Manufacturer // Distributor // Marketer : The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO)

Contents : Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300 mg, emtricitabine 200 mg

Indications / Uses : Prevention and treatment of HIV-1 infection in combination w/ other antiretroviral agents eg, NNRTIs or PIs.

Dosage / Direction for Use : Adult 1 tab once daily.

Administration : May be taken with or without food: Take consistently either always w/ or always w/o food.

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