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Rapid HIV test


We have an HIV 1/2 test kit that is 99.9% accurate and only takes 20 minutes. Rapid and accurate, take a blood test at P U L S E Clinic.

Rapid HIV test


ACCURATE ! - Conclusive at 28 days post exposure.

AFFORDABLE ! - Our rapid HIV test is afforable.

CLEAN ! - We use disposable single-used instruments.

DISCREET ! - We do not have to report infections.

FAST !- You will receive HIV test result in 20 minutes

WALK IN ! - No appointment required, just walk in.

WEEKENDS ! - We open on everyday plus weekends.





PULSE CLINICS offer 2 options for rapid HIV blood test;
OPTION 1: HIV Combo The Rapid HIV test at PULSE clinic is a combination antigen & antibody 4th generation finger prick blood test. The test is simple and quick, giving accurate results in only 20 minutes. Our rapid combo test detects more acute HIV infections than that of previous 2nd & 3rd generation tests available. This new rapid blood test identifies HIV positive patients earlier within a smaller window period, helping to prevent further transmission during this extremely infectious early stage. This HIV test can be taken from 2 weeks after exposure to the HIV virus and is taken in a completely confidential and discrete environment at all our branches throughout Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.
OPTION 2: 3rg generation Rapid HIV Test This Rapid HIV test at PULSE clinic is a HIV antibody tests (also called third generation tests). An HIV antibody test looks for these antibodies in your blood, oral fluid or urine. If these antibodies are found, it means that your body is reacting to an HIV infection and that you have HIV. 3rd generation antibody tests have a window period of approximately three to four weeks.



Just give the finger (LOL). With our sterile finger prick technique, we prick your finger to take a very tiny small amount of blood to perform the HIV test. The blood is then simply transferred onto the portable testing strip kit, providing a result in just 20 minutes.

Trust PULSE CLINIC to take care of your health like other 45000 people. We provide discreet professional service with high privacy.

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I HAVE LOW RISK: Get tested once a year
I HAVE HIGH RISK: Get tested every 3 months, and consider taking PrEP.
I MIGHT BE EXPOSED TO HIVHIV screening is all about timing. The right test at the right time means accuracy.

  • If your exposure was less than 3 days ago, see our doctor at the clinic ASAP to immediately discuss if you need emergency pill or PEP.
  • If your exposure was 7-10 days ago, you should do the HIV RNA PCR. Results normally take 7 working days. 
  • If your exposure was 14-16 days ago, you should do the HIV Combo testResults normally take 20 minutes. 
  • If your exposure was at least 22-28 days ago, you should do the HIV Antibody test. This test can be easily done at the clinic, it takes 20 minutes.

Also test for HIV if you develope symptoms of FEVER, MUSCLE ACHES, RASHES, SORE THROAT and ENLARGED LYMPH NODES. Note that these symptoms are not present in everyone with HIV so get tested if you think you are at risk.


NO! Because we use clean single-use instruments.
Each day, more healthcare professionals are switching from reusable instruments to disposable, single-use ones. There are several reasons why this tendency is growing, and will continue to grow in the years to come. We are one of these leaders. We have been using disposable instruments from cotton, alcohol pad, single-used needles, gloves and we have been using these disposable products in all our branches in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia. If you reallized you concern too much about infection from getting tested at our clinics, do not worry about that we reassure you that what we use here are clean, we are here to protect and safe you from infections not to infect you with any possible infections!!! If you are worried unreasonably and you realize that seeking help from psychiatrist could be helpful, we can give you a list of recommended psychiatrist who will provide high quality non-judgmental non-stigmatizing service in private health care facilities.
Item/TestProper time to get tested
(How many days after risk  exposure)
Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Waiting time
HIV Antibody 3rd generationAt least 21 days after risk99.91-100%99.75%20 min
HIV Antibody 1/2At least 21 days after risk 100%97.20-99.30%20 min
HIV Antibody 4th generationAt least 16 days after risk 99.76-100%99.81%20 min
HIV PCR RNAAt least 10 days after risk 95.00%99.00%10 days


Window Period & HIV Test Accuracy

The HIV window period is the time between a potential HIV infection and the time an individual gets tested with an accurate result.

The body will produce an immunological response after an HIV infection.

A HIV test detects specific Antibodies produced when the human body is fighting the virus. The antibodies help indicate the presence of an infection.


The Importance of HIV Window Periods

Different HIV tests have different HIV window periods, as different tests detect different indicators of HIV infection during the HIV development cycle.

As HIV develops in the human body, HIV antibodies and antigens (protein) will develop too. Different HIV tests thus detect different antibodies at different stages.

When a wrong HIV screening is done during the window period, a person can be infected with HIV but the test results may still show negative. This is called a false negative HIV screening result.



If you have been at risk of HIV exposure then it is very likely that you have been exposed to other STDs. Because of this, we highly recommend that you also screen for other STDs such as Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis, Herpes and Warts.



The fastest way to find out if you have been infected with HIV or not is to do the HIV PCR TEST 7-10 days after the potential exposure. The next earliest accurate test is the HIV Ag/Ab Combo test at 15-17 days post exposure. 
All other HIV tests are subject to a 3 months window period. In other words, you have to wait for 3 months before knowing for sure if you have been infected with HIV or not. In this time, you can potentially spread it to your sexual partners without even realizing it.
If you took PEP before it is recommended that you consider taking PrEP after that for prevention. 

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